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  • Dave G

    I want to give a big shout outt o Jeffery Russell @BBQandmore! The Apple Chipotle rub was just fabulous, great on ribs or my brisket as well as the other seasoning I ordered, and the shipping was just awesome. I couldnt Believe it within two days right at my doorstep

  • Country Daddy BBQ

    Fantastic rub! Bold Taste! Will recommend. Can't Wait to try others from bbqandmore

  • Darryn

    Kept seeing @BBQandMoreRubs posting on twitter but as I'm in UK
    didn't think I would be able to purchase. I contacted Jeffrey about the
    possibility of buying some rubs, as the Apple Chipotle sounded great
    and thought it would be great on ribs. Jeffrey went out of his way to
    quickly find out how much shipping would be and despite some initial
    issues my end with payment, I purchased. Shipping was quick and
    everything arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. If you like
    your ribs, I can't recommend the Apple Chipotle rub enough, its

  • StewsSauce

    Ordered the Peach Fuzz and the flavor was outstanding!! You definitely get a little of that Peach punch as well! Put on some wings and they were so good! Shipped out next day and received in 3 days! Excellent experience overall! @StewsSauce Twitter.com

  • Smokey Jon

    BBQandMore Rubs are Bursting with Flavour!!My Favorite has to be the Apple Chipotle You get the Beautiful Sweetness and then the Heat sneaks up......I Highly Reccomend these Rubs-----Smokey Jon

  • Satisfied Returning Customer

    Huge fan of Jeffery Russell @BBQandmore! The Apple Chipotle rub is amazing on chicken legs, wings, and pork.  Love the Original on my briskets and ribs.  Just received some Peach Fuzz, Mango Chipotle, and Total Chaos.  Looking forward to using the Peach Fuzz on my next Pork Butt!@YELNATSDRAHCIR

  • Doug Walter

    Smoked wing on the @PitBarrelCooker with some delicious @BBQandMoreRubs get you some you won't be disappointed.Dukewalter99@Twitter.com

  • Another Satisfied Customer

    After seeing Jeffrey Russell’s line of BBQ rubs on Twitter, I just had to get some. I ordered 3 flavors and within 3 days they were at my doorstep. We just smoked a brisket using the Apple Chipotle rub and it was phenomenal! I can’t wait to try the others on future cooks. I 100% recommend @BBQandMoreRubs! Don Phillips

  • Yet another Customer very Pleased with the BBQandMore Experience

    If your looking for a rub that has that sweetness with a hint of 🔥 look no further. @BBQandMoreRubs Apple Chipotle is my go to for Ribs, Chicken, and Pork. Very impressed with how it not only flavors but also caramelize when I either smoke or grill. 👊🏻🔥🍺

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